How to Set a Password on a Blackberry

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Security is everything these days. Including mobile phones, so you need to secure your Blackberry soon. This is how to change a password on your Blackberry:Note: This article concerns a Blackberry curve using AT&T; results may vary on provider.


  1. Go to the "Options" menu, there is a spanner icon on it.
  2. Scroll down the menu to "Security Options". Click it.
  3. It will take you to a screen with multiple choices on it, scroll down to "General Settings" click it.
  4. This takes you to another screen, follow these steps on this screen:
    • Click the option for "Password:", it is automatically disabled. Click it.
    • Choose the option that says, "Enabled".
    • A screen will appear, enter your password. If no screen appears, you may have already set a password for another application, (Password Keeper etc.) that is your default password.
    • Set your number of password attempts. This is how many times you can guess your password before your phone is wiped/blanked of all it is memory. Use with caution.
    • Security Timeout means if you are not active on your phone for a certain period of time, it will automatically "Keyboard Lock" and you will have to enter your password.
    • Select yes or no for "Prompt on Application Install".
  5. Finish up. You have now set your password!


  • Make the password easy to remember, if you forget it, everything in your phone will be wiped, including addresses!
  • Just because your phone gets wiped, does not mean it can not get stolen.

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