How to Convert Videos to Blackberry Using Wondershare

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This user guide is to guide you on how to convert regular video files (MOV, WMV, MP4, 3GP, RM, MPEG, MPG, FLV and ASF)for playback on BlackBerry phones:


  1. Import video files.
    1. Click the Add button, browse your computer hard drive and add the video files you want to convert. If there is any problem with previewing an added file, you can remove it and add it again by clicking the Arrow button (Next to Add) and selecting Add Directshow Files.
  2. Edit Movie.
    1. Wondershare Video Converter for BlackBerry allows you to edit your video files by trimming movie length, cropping video and setting movie effects.
  3. Trim Movie
    1. Click the Trim icon to capture a clip from the current video file. In the Trim window, you can do the trim by either dragging the Start Time and End Time sliders or inputting the time values in the Start Time and End Time fields.
  4. Crop Video.
    1. If your video has black sides, you can use this Crop function to remove them.
    2. Click the Crop icon to open the Crop window, and set the crop area by dragging the crop frame or setting the four crop values(Top, Bottom, Left and Right).
  5. Movie Effect.
    1. If you want to edit the movie effects, you can click the Effect icon to set the video brightness, contrast, saturation, and audio volume. You can also choose to apply a special effect to your movie video, and the available effects are Gray, Emboss and Negative.
  6. Step 3: Output Settings. Before the conversion, you can:
    1. Input the name each title or chapter in the Destination File field.
    2. Select an output format from the Format drop-down list for different for BlackBerry videos.
    3. Click the Settings button to set the encoding settings including video resolution, frame rate, bit rate and video encoder, audio encoding settings including sample rate, channel, bit rate and audio encoder.
      • Note: If you check the “Merger into one file” option, the program will join all added video files into one file instead of outputting a separated file for each video file.
  7. Click the Start button to start the conversion.
    • And now all you need to do is to wait for the conversion to be finished, and then transfer the converted files to your BlackBerry.

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